TJil - Begin 16 o'clock, Dance 7 pm o'clock until 5 o'clock in Room Ozeanien


Limit of participants: 90 persons

Address: Weltenbummlerhaus, Diezmannstr. 20, 04207 Leipzig

Catering: All-you-can-eat-and-drink, Mexico area from 7 pm [2. Floor]

Overnight stay: Room Africa from 1am on your own sleeping utensils. [3rd floor]

    ( Place for 60 Persons)

Fursuit Lounge: Room Europe from 4 pm [4th floor]
Dance Dance Revolution: Room Asia from 4 pm [2. Floor]


Own Sigs: Room Africa 17 to 01 o'clock [3rd floor]
(Please let us know by e-mail)

End of the year: kick off in Oceania around 23: 55hrs [1. Floor]

After 00:00 clock, huge fireworks outside the terrain.

End of the event 01.01.17 12 h. 

Please leave the Location until 12 o'clock!

We wish you a good journy home :3