Charity projekt:

Tierisch Grenzenlos e.V.

A home for each pet!

We are a registered association for animal protection, founded in Bamberg in 2010. Our voluntary commitment and our whole lifeblood is aimed at animals in need. This is our diligently and literally borderless mission.


"A home for each pet" is as well our motto, our drive and our target. We do anything imaginable possible (...and sometimes even impossible) to find a loving and caring home for suffering animals. >> Tierisch Grenzenlos e.V. (DE) <<

Part of our work is:

  • The placement of homeless animals at home and abroad
  • Supporting local animal shelters abroad
  • Promotions for castrating wildlife dogs and cats (so called strays)
  • Education and guidance of the local residents
  • ...and so much more!

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Past projekts:

Here is a brief overview of our last charity projects:


EAST 6 - Support of Storchenhof (stork sanctuary) Vogelschutzwarte Loburg e.V. with a donation of 1900 €

The dedicated staff see to it that:
 - storks receive medical attention
 - young storks are brought up and released into the wild
 - disabled storks have a home


EAST 5 - Support of Tierheim (animal shelter) Dessau-Roßlau with a donation of 750 €

 - admission of and medical attention for pets of all kinds
 - monitoring and castration of stray cats
 - communal walks with dogs from the animal shelter
The EAST 5 donation was spent on the animal shelter Dessau to expand its facilities.



EAST 4 - Support of Pfötchenverein Dessau-Roßlau with a donation of 700 €


The Pfötchenverein Dessau-Roßlau offers these regional services:
 - food dispersion to financially troubled pet owners
 - animal visits to retirement homes and day-care centres
 - lectures and workshops about topics of animal welfare
 - adoption of animals into new homes or foster homes



EAST 3 - Support of Förderverein Zoo Aschersleben 

with a donation of 303,43 €


As a partner of Stiftung Artenschutz (foundation for species conservation) the zoo Aschersleben participates in preservation of threatened species, such as the Roloway and Diana monkey and the Ethiopian wolf. The zoo is involved in international breeding programmes.

The Förderverein also partners with the WWF in a sponsorship for Siberian tigers in eastern Russia and supports the reduction of poaching and deforestation there.


EAST 2 - Support of Luchsprojekt (bobcat project) Harz, which is involved in the repatriation of the bobcat in Germany, with a donation of 107 €