EAST 7 – Program

The lucky 7

The most important points

Admission / Reg .: Wednesday 2 pm, rooms can be occupied from 4 pm

Address: Ringberg Hotel, Ringberg 10, 98527 Suhl

Meals: Breakfast: 8 € per day (p.P.), 07 to 11am. Hotel-ID card for breakfast, as it confirms, who booked breakfast.

  • Lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant. The hotel has noticeboards with opening times for the restaurants etc.
  • At the bar, take cash with you! Covering the room is unfortunately not possible. Snack bar opens at 11am at the bar

The Orga office is accessible via the 714 (hotel room telephone)

Last day (Sunday or Monday): Rooms must be vacated by 11 am

Further program points

Pool, Artshow, Dance, Fursuits-Games, SIGs, Photoshooting, Volleyball, Fursuitwalk and more. You can find the current program planning >> here <<.